Cooking from books for World Book Day

I’m a big fan of World Book Day – A day for celebrating the wonders that are books. For the previous 4 years I’ve worked in a school on the day and have dressed up as Mildred Hubble and Carey from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, including others on this day. Yesterday as I left one of the schools I work in it was being transformed into Hogwarts for the day.

completely revolting recipes

Cookery can link well to World Book Day. Following and writing recipes are an example of instructions and cooking something that is mentioned in a book can help bring a book alive. There are a few cookbooks on the market that are linked to certain characters/stories along with multiple cookbooks linked unofficially to Harry Potter however the most  popular cookbook amongst my pupils, especially KS2 boys, is Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes. The newest version of this book has around 50 recipes including Scrambled Dregs, Wormy Spaghetti and Nishnobblers. Not only is this book great to read the illustrations, naturally by Quintin Blake, help bring the book alive. The way this book is designed, often with the excerpts of text next to the recipe, make it perfect for guided reading.

cooking from stories

For people who work with EY/KS1 The Little Book of Cooking from Stories is full of inspiration including recipes for pizza from Pete’s a Pizza and fruit kebab from Handa’s Surprise. While this book isn’t designed for children to read, it can help with planning cookery into a lesson.

Have you discovered any great cookbooks that are linked to stories?

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