Red Nose Mallow Men

Way back in 2009 for Red Nose Day I made Red Nose Mallow Men with my cookery classes. They went down very well and pupils still request to make them now. They originate from a recipe card that Sainsbury’s gave out at the time. They do make possibly the stickiest, stringiest rice krispy cakes known to man and baking parchment is essential to stop them sticking but they are great fun to make. Alternatively you could spoon them into fairy cake cases or onto a lined baking tray then cut into a squares or shapes with biscuit cutters once it has set.

Red Nose Mallow Men
Makes around 12

100g rice krispies
40g butter
200g marshmallows
Glace cherries for the noses
Raisins or chocolate buttons for eyes
Honey (not essential but helps the eyes and nose stick on)
Baking parchment

1) Put the butter and marshmallows in a microwaveable bowl. When heated marshmallows expand so make sure you have enough room in the bowl. Microwave and stir at 10 second intervals until marshmallows have melted.

2) Stir in the rice krispies and leave for a minute or two to allow the mixture to cool a bit. Using 2 spoons put 12 equal piles of the mixture on the baking parchment and using the honey decorate with the cherries and raisins. Allow to set in the fridge before eating.

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