Chocolate Easter Nests

Whenever I give my pupils the option as to what they would like to make for Easter they will more or less always ask to make Easter Nests. There are various ways of making these, but in simplest form you need chocolate, mini eggs and cereal. My favourite cereal to use is Shredded Wheat as not only does it make it look more like nests it is high in whole grain. For this lesson I very much linked it to maths by challenging the pupils to set out the paper cases in arrays (to help them make sure they had 12 cases at a glance as we didn’t use bun tins) and grouping the mini eggs. Many of the children also organised their mini eggs in colours and patterns.

The recipe I used during the classes can be found on this blog. If you didn’t want to use Shredded Wheat use 125g of other cereal.

I wonder what the collective noun for Chocolate Easter Nests is?!

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