Cutting without sharp knives in the kitchen

For some the thought of children using knives in the kitchen can fill them with fear. Before using knives in class I always teach the bridge hold and claw grip techniques.  Now there is knives out there that can be used with children (usually with a serrated blade and without a point)  but there also equipment in your kitchen that you can use for chopping that you probably hadn’t thought of using.

Apple slicer – I’m a huge fan of these along with my pupils. They can be used for a variety of fruit vegetables including apples (of course!) along with potatoes. They have the benefit of also coring the fruit for you at the same time.

Scissors – We have used scissors a lot in the last term for chopping everything from herbs and spring onions to dried fruit. Of course keep the scissors you use in cooking separate from the craft scissors or you may end up with glittery cookery!

Egg slicers – (I have to say a huge thanks to Michelle at What’s Cooking for this tip). Egg slicers are not just for eggs, they can be used for anything that is soft enough to be cut by the wires for example olives, strawberries and banana. It can also be used to cutting food into small pieces by putting the food through the cutter twice. This egg slicer from Ikea gives the option of cutting slices or wedges.

Vegetable peelers – Not just for peeling potatoes. Peelers are great for creating ribbons of vegetables that are perfect for pasta and salads.

Ikea Bonus knife – a bargain at £1.69 for a set of 16 cutlery. I will admit when I originally bought this set of cutlery I didn’t hold out much hope for the longevity or quality but I’m really impressed and the children find them really easy to use. The knives are the best things of this kit. They cut through tomatoes with ease and are still finger safe.

Have you found anything unexpected in the kitchen that has been good for little hands to use when cutting?


About Julie @ Apple & Thyme

A Derbyshire/Staffordshire based business that provides creative food education with the aim of making good food and cookery skills accessible for all.

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