Pirate Workshop

Before Christmas I was approached by a Burton nursery school who were running a Pirate themed week. They wanted me to come in for the morning session to make something with the children that they could take home. One snowy February day I headed to Burton, in my finest pirate gear, to do a workshop with a class of 3-4 year olds.

The first thing that came to mind with pirates theme was treasure and gold. One of my suppliers sell fantastic little gold boxes that would make a perfect treasure chest and gold foil to wrap their treasure in. I settled on the simple truffle recipe I’ve used in many classes as it’d work with the limited facilities in the classroom.  

The workshop took on a multi sensory approach. What could they smell, hear, feel when making the truffles? It also worked on fine motor skills and sharing. The children thoroughly enjoyed making the truffles especially getting their hands in the cocoa and icing sugar! Thank you to the school for inviting me to take part in their fantastic pirate week.

If you know a school or organisation who would like to do a similar workshop get in touch – Julie@appleandthyme.com

About Julie @ Apple & Thyme

A Derbyshire/Staffordshire based business that provides creative food education with the aim of making good food and cookery skills accessible for all.

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