Apple & Thyme gets Ofsted mention!

For 4 years I’ve been running a Cookery Club in a local Leicestershire primary school. It started out as a small after-school club, one afternoon a week and has now grown to 2 afternoons a week with 4 groups of children rotating over a fortnightly basis. This is the only way we can ensure all the children can have a go.

This week I launched a new term of cookery club at the school with an Olympic theme. Like previous terms it has been very popular with a healthy number of both boys and girls signing up from y2-y6. Over the 5 sessions we’ll be making food from the 5 continents represented in the Olympics. Keep an eye on the blog to see what we make.

At the beginning of April the school had an Ofsted inspection. The inspector visited cookery club just as we were packing up and he was lucky enought to be offered Easter biscuits off the pupils. The school has come on leaps and bounds since last Ofsted and this time were given a glowing report. Cookery Club also got a mention!

The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets the needs of all groups of pupils and promotes their progress. It promotes their spiritual, moral and social development well. A wide range of extra-curricular activities has something for all – such as cookery, gardening, sport and music…bring learning to life…also add excitement and vibrancy. – Ofsted April 2012

It’s great to work with a school where cookery is highly regarded and an important part of the curriculum.

To see some of what we get up to at Cookery Club have a look at our Facebook album.


About Julie @ Apple & Thyme

A Derbyshire/Staffordshire based business that provides creative food education with the aim of making good food and cookery skills accessible for all.

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