Day 1 – Summer Cookery Club – Cupcake Decorating

Following the success of  last year’s Summer Cookery Club  I’ve run it again this year, with a few tweaks. The sessions are shorter, but as the children no longer stay for lunch they take their cooking home with them so they have more to proudly show their parents. This year I also opened it to a larger age range with children 4-11 joining in. Over the 3 days we’ll be looking at various simple recipes with the focus on fine motor skills and using the five senses. There has also been a wide selection of cookbooks for the children read. The Boy Who Bakes by Edd Kimber has been a favourite.

Today we decorated cupcakes. This is always a popular choice with children because I think they like the colours and can really let their imagination take over. Over the 2.5 hours I showed them various techniques for both sugarpaste and piping buttercream. Given most of them had never used a piping bag before today I think they did a grand job!

The children had free rein with the colours of the buttercream and how they wanted to decorate the cakes. As you can see they made some fabulous creative cakes.

Tomorrow we’re rolling up our sleeves and making both pizza and bread rolls.

Day 2 – Bread making
Day 3 – Sweet making


About Julie @ Apple & Thyme

A Derbyshire/Staffordshire based business that provides creative food education with the aim of making good food and cookery skills accessible for all.

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