Day 2 – Summer Cookery Club – Bread Making

I know many of my pupils love a good bit of Great British Bake Off, be it the original adult series or the more recent CBBC version. Yesterday we’d had a go at decorating cakes and today was the turn of bread making. Last night on GBBO they made a plaited loaf. Ok this was a 8 strand plaited loaf, but today some children attempted a 3 strand version.

The wonderful thing about a good, basic bread dough is that it can be so versatile. The recipe I use can be transformed into pizza, rolls and even English muffins. The key is to use a 50:50 plain flour and strong white bread flour mix. This makes the dough ping back less, which in turn makes it more manageable for tiny hands.

Yesterday after hoping that the day wouldn’t be too hot to stop a giant buttercream melting disaster, today I was hoping for it to be on the warmer side to help with the dough rising. We ended up giving the dough a quick helping hand under the hot lamps. While the dough was rising I set up a glass of warm water with yeast and sugar so the children could see yeast at work and understand why their ball of dough was getting bigger.

During pizza making it gave the children opportunity to practice their knife skills and also try some foods they may not have tried before. One of the most popular tastings today was the mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes were even more popular than the break time satsumas. In cookery club I often encourage the children to taste some of the foods especially if it is a food they haven’t tried before. Tasting with peers can give a child confidence to try new things.

There are certainly some great bakers in the midst with some children remembering the kneading method I had taught at previous cookery club sessions. Again the children had free rein on how to design their two bread rolls, but it is fair to say snails and hedgehogs were very popular. Now this is what you call Real Bread.

Tomorrow we’re sweet making. Cue chocolate, icing sugar and maybe one or two glorious Scottish strawberries.

Day 1 – cupcake decorating
Day 3 – sweet making

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