Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake review by Cookery Club pupils

Through my food writing work I get lots of cookbooks sent to me. Some promptly end up in the Charity shop carrier bag. When I was offered Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake I knew my cookery club pupils would love it. Not only are they huge fans of GBBO they love nothing better than reading a cookbook. I have taught them well! Since reviewing it I know that this book has now appeared on some of the pupil’s Christmas list.

As part of cookery club while things are cooking we do various tasks. These can include looking at cookbooks, finding inspiration for next term along with learning about food safety and different foods. This term we have been looking at writing cookbook reviews. This is a particularly good writing frame for book reports: information books. The pupils worked in groups to write their reviews. I could tell you what I think of the book, but I’ll pass you over to my pupils.

This book is about recipes of delicious foods and cakes. I found the book interesting because the book had lovely pictures of cakes and brilliant ingredients. The book is also very interesting because it has got recipes that are different to what we have tried before. I learned that cold cookies can be iced. I liked the book because of the great language and photos – Oliver & Cooper

This book is about recipes for the family. We found it very fun and it is different and better than usual cookbooks. It has similar recipes to GBBO and has Mary Berry’s tips. There is lots of tips like baking ingredients, equipment terms, health and safety and conversion tables. It also shows how to plait a loaf. We like this book. It is more than the usual cookbook – Freya, Jodie & Chloé

This book is about cooking for adults and kids. We found this book interesting because it is about cooking food and it looks yummy. All the recipes sound excellent. It has new recipes like zebra cake, vanilla stars, sort pretzels and honey crunchies. This book tells you how to get started. We like this book because it looks interesting and amazing. We both like cooking and we think that may people will buy it and people will enjoy cooking the food in it. – Charlotte & Talia

This book has 80 easy recipes for all the family. It is the perfect book to get you started. It features party recipes, cakes and biscuits. The pictures look very tasty and interesting. It catches the reader’s eye. If I was to make the book better I’d like every recipe to have a picture of it. I really liked this book, it is the most mouth-watering book ever! – Rhia, Maisie & Katie.

Zebra Cake – very popular with the pupils

I have donated my copy of the book to the school. Many thanks to BBC Books and Bryony Watts for sending us the cookbook to review. If any other publishers would like to send any other cookbooks for my pupils please get in touch

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