Summer Holiday cooking inspiration for kids


The schools are out for summer and until yesterday the sun was blazing down. I’m running the ever popular summer cookery classes in conjunction with a local primary school. Cooking is always a popular activity during school holidays whatever the weather but from personal experience never attempt peppermint creams on a hot sunny day unless you like a big sticky mess!

Of course to start with a selection of recipes on the Apple & Thyme blog to get your kids inspired in the kitchen. How about breadmaking for beginners, using maths to make butterfly cakes, demonstrate the solar system with these Saturn rolls and make tikka paneer kebabs for the BBQ. You can even use your kitchen for a bit of science. This easy investigation is a great way of showing how important it is to wash your hands when you prepare food.

If you want to know alternatives to sharps knives for kids to use in the kitchen have a look at our blog post full of creative suggestions.

Keep an eye on our twitter feed @appleandthyme and the hashtag #summercookeryclub throughout August for more summer holiday cooking inspiration.


About Julie @ Apple & Thyme

A Derbyshire/Staffordshire based business that provides creative food education with the aim of making good food and cookery skills accessible for all.

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