Day 1 Summer Cookery Club – Garden Cupcakes

Summer Cookery Club 2013

The theme for today’s cookery club was cupcake decorating. I often do cake decorating with children I think they enjoy the tactile nature of it, letting their imagination run riot and not always eating the cupcakes themselves. Last year’s theme was olympics so this year was a garden theme with bugs and birds.

Today the group consisted of ten 4-10 year olds, some of which had been to previous classes. For the first half of the session I demoed six different sugarpaste modelling techniques they then all had a go at making their own.

While I gave the kids limited sugarpaste tools all of what they made could be made at home with a simple cocktail stick. In my classes I try not to use too much in the way of fancy equipment as I want the children to feel they can make it again at home.

demo garden cupcakes

After a quick juice & fruit break (cup of tea for me and my helpers!) it was time to play with the buttercream. Green buttercream naturally. I showed them four different ways of covering and piping buttercream and I have to say they did a marvelous job.

Once all the cakes were decorated and boxed the children then had the opportunity to try making anything their heart desired out of the sugarpaste. We had hearts, Minions and a rather amazing rose.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and nearly all the children are returning for the Italian day. Bring on the calzone, ravioli and ice cream!

Day 2 – Italian
Day 3 – Mad about Chocolate


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