Day 2 Summer Cookery Club – Italian

Summer Cookery Club - Italian Food

It’s a well-known fact that kids love Italian food. You only need to ask a child what their favourite food is and many will say pizza or a pasta dish and almost all will mention ice cream. It’s from this premise that I decided to run an Italian food day this summer holiday where the children would make calzone, ravioli and ice cream.

Some of the children on the course are pros at bread making as they have made it in the past with me, some however were new to the kneading game. All managed to make beautiful dough with dough windows Paul Hollywood would be proud of. While the children were kneading their dough I set up a glass with yeast, warm water and sugar to show that yeast is a microorganism and how it makes your bread rise. You could tell the yeast fresh due to the froth monster that emerged from the glass.

While the calzone dough was rising we made the ravioli. I pre made both the pasta dough and sweet potato & Wensleydale filling (You can find the sweet potato & goats cheese ravioli recipe I adapted here). The children worked in pairs at one of the pasta machines to gently roll their pasta then assemble their ravioli. Some also made tortellini. The children took this pasta home to cook fresh there.

Summer CC 20133

The calzone were simply filled with a herby passata sauce, mozarella, cherry tomatoes and ham. While they were baking in the oven, it was time for the final recipe – ice cream. Now of course there are some limitations as to what you can make in a 2.5 hour class. Usually ice cream would be out of the question however there are two cheat ways you can make it. Use the freezer bag, ice, milk & shake method which we’ve done previous years or use the cheats way to banana ice cream: chop a banana, freeze then pop in a blender with a couple of heaped tablespoons of lovely thick vanilla yoghurt and voila you have instant banana ice cream. This is not only a quick way to make ice cream but healthy too with just two ingredients.

We got so engrossed in eating the ice cream I forgot to take photos. If you don’t believe ice cream can be this easy give it a go yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrow is the last day and unsurprisingly it has the highest number of attendees. After popular request, nay begging from my pupils, I’m running a mad about chocolate day. There will be brownies, ganache and more.

Day 1 – Garden cupcakes
Day 3 – Mad about Chocolate


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