Day 3 Summer Cookery Club – Mad about Chocolate

Summer Cookery Club - brownies

After a day of cupcake decorating and another day of Italian food it was finally the hotly anticipated Mad about Chocolate day. Unsurprisingly this was the most popular day among the children.

The word had got around that Summer Cookery Club was worth taking part in and we had an extra two children join us today for a day of chocolatey fun. This day was never going to be without mess and I always state that cookery club is about learning and experiencing food, not keeping clean. The bonus as a parent is that if you send one of your children to me for cookery club they can make a mess and I tidy up!

We started the day by making brownies. My pupils have been asking to make these for a while and this recipe has gone down a storm with my Evening Class pupils. The recipe usually features peanut butter too, but for cookery club we made it with just chocolate spread. The recipe works particularly well halved, poured into a 2lb loaf tin and baked for 20-25 minutes. It’s always a good idea to line the tin (as we did here) as it makes it so much easier to get the brownies out of the tin.

Summer Cookery Club - rocky road

While the brownies were baking we made a start on that popular fridge cake – Rocky Road. This was an opportunity for the children to work in pairs to prep the ingredients, make the rocky road and also share the mixture. We added glace cherries, marshmallows and sultanas to the mix.

After a quick break it was finally time to play with the ganache. I had made the milk chocolate ganache the night before. The children then used a metal  measuring spoon (pah, forget melon ballers!) dipped in hot water to heat it up, to scoop up a ball of ganache. They then had the option of 3 toppings to roll it in then had foil, petit four cases and a box to present the chocolates in.  As you can see on one of the photos, the aftermath. Goes to show how much fun we had.

Summer Cookery Club - truffles

Big thanks to all who have joined and supported me over the last week for Summer Cookery Club. The feedback from the children has been very positive. It’s clear they loved to get messy with the chocolate and really enjoyed calzone making. Hopefully Summer Cookery Club it will return for its 4th outing next year.

It was messy, the things tasted good and the chocolate is the best!

If you want to get some summer holiday cookery inspiration follow #summercookeryclub on twitter for our daily links and ideas.

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